Zotrim Herbal Supplement

Zotrim Weight Loss Pill

A new herbal remedy that could aid weight loss has gone on sale in Britain. Zotrim, which contains three South American herbs, is the culmination of 19 years’ work by Danish scientist Dr Lasse Hessel.

In recent clinical trials, Zotrim helped those taking it to shed 11 pounds in six weeks, while those taking the placebo lost only 1 pound. Ultrasound scanning revealed that Zotrim slows down the rate at which food leaves the stomach, which means the person taking it feels fuller and consequently eats less.

Nutritionist Dr Anthony Leeds of King’s College London welcomed the findings: ‘At a time when overweight and obesity are rising, all possible approaches to weight reduction and maintenance need to be examined objectively.’

More evidence of Zotrim’s weight loss benefits is awaited.


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