World Medical & Health Policy

World Medical & Health Policy is a unique new journal dedicated to the intersection of politics, policy, medicine, and public health. We live in a globalizing world, where public policy decisions affect the prevention of diseases and the practice of medicine.

World Medical & Health Policy publishes articles that translate research into policies and practice standards. The journal brings a policy perspective to medical practice, translating empirical evidence into policy recommendations, with special attention to the ethical allocation of scarce resources that can make or break the success of health measures and clinical practices.

Articles benefit from fast decision time and publication (as little as 10 weeks), and extensive electronic dissemination to readers around the world.

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Senior Editor:

Arnauld Nicogossian, George Mason University


  • Otmar Kloiber, Secretary General, World Medical Association
  • Thomas Zimmerman, International Society of Microbial Resistance

Honorary Editor:

Anatoly Grigoriev, Russian Academy of Sciences

Senior Associate Editor:

Naoru Koizumi, George Mason University

Associate Editor:

Jessica Heineman-Pieper, George Mason University

Deputy Editor:

  • Bonnie Stabile, George Mason University
  • Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3 (2011)


  • Medical and Public Health Consequences of 2001
  • Arnauld Nicogossian, Thomas Zimmerman, Otmar Kloiber, Bonnie Stabile, Charles R. Doarn, James W. Terbush, and Maurice A. Ramirez

Original Articles

  • Diagnosing Possible Hypertension When Blood Pressure Is High in The Emergency Department
    Richard W. Niska
  • The Impossible Dream? Codes of Practice and the International Migration of Skilled Health Workers
    John Connell and James Buchan
  • Expert Opinion on Implementation Strategies for the International Health Regulations (2005)
    Rebecca L. Katz, Sarah E. Gornto, and Jean Paul Chretien
  • Modeling Urban Atmospheric Anthrax Spores Dispersion: Assessment of Health Impacts and Policy Implications
  • Arnauld Nicogossian, Laurie A. Schintler, and Zafer Boybeyi
  • Can Public Schools Serve as Communication Networks for Community Disaster Medical Preparedness and Recovery? A Review
  • Gary L. Kreps, Katherine Rowan, and Carl H. Botan
  • Roundtable Discussion: Data on Ageing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Populations
    Paul Kowal, Richard Gibson, Sonia Wutzke, Kate Smith, Philippa Cotter, Edward Strivens, Melissa Lindeman, Dina LoGiudice, and G. Broe

Book Reviews

Review of Building Community Resilience to Disasters: A Way Forward to Enhance National Health Security

Christine Pommerening

Review of Bioethics in Singapore: The Ethical Microcosm Bonnie Stabile

News and Announcements

In the News

Arnauld Nicogossian – In Memoriam: David G. C. McCann, M.D., MPH, FAASFP, FAADM (September 29, 1960 – August 7, 2011)

Arnauld Nicogossian – In Memoriam: Kevin Allen Mack, MD

Thomas Zimmerman – Letters to the Editors and Commentaries

September 11, 2001: Ten Years Later

David GC McCann and Heidi P. Cordi

A Physician’s Remembrance of 9-11: Where We Were and Where We Are Heidi P. Cordi

Proceedings of the PSO, New Series no. 14


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