Willpower to Reduce Weight

I Can’t Stick To A Diet. I Have No Willpower!

Successful weight loss depends on your desire, not willpower.

For example, I’m sure you find it a lot easier to make an effort to obtain things you really want. In such a case, you can overcome all sorts of obstacles because your DESIRE keeps you going.

Losing weight is just the same. You have to WANT it. So if you don’t really want to lose weight, do something else. Don’t waste time trying to do something for which you have no real desire.

Weight loss motivation requires just as much effort as anything else, so if you do want to lose weight, you have to have some good reasons for making the necessary improvements to your eating and exercise routines.

A good start is to write out a list of all the benefits you hope to achieve by losing weight, and to place this list where you can see it every day. By doing this you remind yourself of all the good things that lie ahead and make the sacrifices worth while.


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