What to do when your gambling addiction goes overboard

Road to Recovery – Third Phase (Recognizing the signs)

Now, we’ve recognized some of the factors that could lead to becoming a gambling addict. You need to pay attention to the signs that let you know you’ve crossed the lines. How do you do this? You can start by looking at the list of adverse effects that tend to follow one’s gambling addictions. We’ve mentioned this section so many times. They are:

  • As soon as you realize you have trouble keeping a job down.
  • When you get to the, you have to sign for bankruptcy.
  • You feel left out/abandoned by the people you claim to love.
  • You find yourself deep in legal trouble.
  • Your relationship hits the wall – metaphorically speaking, of course. ‘
  • You also engage in all sorts of drug abuse
  • Your physical and physical health declines.

What are the symptoms of going overboard with gambling?

The adverse effects of gambling addiction can be devastating, but how does it start? What are the signs that you’ve gone overboard with gambling? The following symptoms will show you all you need to know about some of the symptoms. Also, it will help you fight the denial phase and let you understand the fact that you might have a gambling addiction.

  • The thought of gambling has clouded your regular thoughts, and you are always wondering where you will source your stake.
  • When you start to rely on other people to take care of your basic needs when you’ve gambled away your savings, you needed to take care of the home.
  • You start to gamble to escape problems.
  • You gamble and redirect that energy to fight the feelings of guilt, anxiety, depression, and helplessness.
  • You don’t mind committing theft or fraud to get gambling money.
  • You hide your gambling from the rest of your family or might even go ahead and lie about your gambling habit.
  • You chase your losses by staking more to get back what you’ve lost – by the way, if you do this, you will only be digging yourself into the pit.
  • Your gambling compulsion is as a result of your intentions to run away from your problems and not face them head-on.

The Warning Signs

Some vital warning signs show that you are fast becoming a gambling addict. When you get to that point in your life where you’ve lost everything, including your family, your partner, your properties, and your home, then it’s safe to say that you are a gambling addict. At times, you feel like committing suicide. If you are one of these, then we strongly suggest that you examine yourself medically. It doesn’t matter if having suicidal thoughts and one’s compulsive habit of keeping betting are related, but the views of committing suicide is a strong one, and that’s why we strongly advise that you see a doctor. When you hit that rock bottom, and you are comfortable with harming someone else, then you are gradually slipping into that dark hole – at this point, you need to examine yourself.

Road to recovery – Fourth Phase (Dealing with the Crisis)

The only thing that can stop you from dealing with this gambling crisis is YOU! – and, of course, a life-threatening situation. If neither of the two is the case, then there are certain things you can do to deal with the issue. For instance, if you find yourself in a casino or gambling at a friend’s place, leave! You will be amazed by how online casino addiction starts, as well as how easy it is for someone to relapse back into that state.

The apparent mistake a lot of gambling addicts make is that they always wait to recover they’re lost or wait behind to know who won. Instead, you should count your losses and walk away from the gambling scene and find a neutral place to sit. That won’t be effective for people with online casino addiction. In this case, the best thing to do is to stay away from the internet or your mobile phone (I strongly recommend this one) till your cravings fade off just like would if you let them.

Road to recovery – Fifth Phase (Getting into gambling addiction treatment). That is the phase where the recovery hits its peak. Gambling addiction treatment gives you the tools you need to overcome your gambling addiction. Some useful techniques are similar to treatment for drug addiction, which has proven effective. They include certain medications such as opioid antagonists like naltrexone and cognitive behavioral therapy. Gambling addiction treatment can be used on an outpatient basis. But when your gambling addiction takes your life and puts you or others in the line of danger.

Frequently Asked Question on Gambling Addiction.

What is the medication for gambling addiction?

Some medications can help reduce the amount of dopamine produced and released in your brain. Drugs like naltrexone are useful for the reward system. When you take this medication, you won’t get high. Therefore, you won’t get any reward from gambling. Over time, the craving for the rush of staking reduced.

Can I try Cognitive – Behavioral Therapy?

Yes, you can! Cognitive-behavioral therapy has been proven effective as a gambling addiction treatment in lots of scientific studies. This is no surprise to lots of experts in the field of gambling addiction. When you gamble despite the consequences, it is usually as a result of the warped view of what will happen when you bet.


My question is, are you ready to start getting the help you need to help free your mind from the compulsive thoughts. If you are, then take that time right now and search for a counselor who can lead you through the recovery path. Trust me, the road to recovery is not smooth, and it is your will to go through it that gives you the comfort you seek. Leave a comment in the comment section, and we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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