Weight Loss Facts

4 Facts about Weight Loss

1. It takes time

If you don’t have time, do something else instead

2. It means changing your eating habits

Nothing else works

3. It does NOT mean eating less

It means eating differently

4. The biggest enemy of weight loss is HUNGER

Hunger leads to temptation and failure

7 Ways to make it easier to lose weight

Get yourself a good incentive
Not having an incentive to lose weight, makes weight loss impossible
Don’t be in a rush
Being in too much of a rush is the biggest mistake you can make
Set yourself a series of step-by-step targets
My dieters lose weight in stages – that’s why they succeed
Get the support of your partner or a friend
Go-it-alone if you have to, but having support makes a big difference
Assume you’re going to have bad days – and plan accordingly
Most dieters get hysterical when they have a bad day. Don’t fall into this trap
Always have lots of low fat snacks in the refrigerator
Remember, you can’t eat what you don’t have! So get organized!

Weight Loss Quiz

Do you really want to lose weight? Or are you just kidding yourself?

Question 1 : Do you have a good incentive to lose weight?

Question 2 : Are you prepared to devote a few months of your life in order to solve your weight problem for good?

Question 3 : Are you willing to learn new eating habits? For example: Are you willing to eat lots of good food?

Question 4 : Are you flexible enough to overcome temporary problems (bad days etc.) without blowing a fuse and giving up?

Question 5 : Are you content to lose an average of 2 pounds a week until you have a slim figure?

Question 6 : Are you willing to change your shopping habits?

Question 7 :  Are you willing to limit your eating-out to special occasions only?


IDEALLY, if you want to lose weight, you should answer YES, to all 7 questions. But many of my most successful dieters answered NO to some of them So don’t worry, if you did too!

My Views on Weight Loss

Over the past 24 years, I’ve helped a huge number of people to lose weight. This experience has convinced me that the only guaranteed way to lose weight for good, is to follow a sensible balanced diet that allows you lots of food and which helps you to change your eating habits in the process.

For example:

Do I believe in diet-pills? No

Do I believe in “fat-burners”? No

Do I believe in “meal-replacements”? No

Do I believe in special diet-foods? No

Do I believe in expensive diet programs? No

Do I believe in expensive food-supplements? No

Do I believe in appetite suppressants? No

Do I believe in eating good food in order to lose weight? YES!

I can help you to lose weight for good, But not with diet pills, meal-replacements or diet supplements I want you to eat good food. Because eating good food is the only way to lose weight and stay slim
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