UK Weight Loss Ambitions

UK Weight Survey

Nearly half of people in the UK want to lose more than a stone (14 pounds) this year but 13 per cent expect to abandon their weight loss attempts within a week, according to a survey.

The research shows that 43 per cent of people want to lose more than a stone in weight in 2003 and 34 per cent have made a New Year’s resolution to shed the pounds.

The poll of more than 1,000 men and women across the UK was carried out on behalf the British Health Foundation and the food company Princes.

Australian Weight Surveys

Recent weight surveys in Australia show a similar proportion of adults want to lose weight. Up to 50 percent of Aussies consider themselves overweight and want to lose weight.

UK Obesity Levels

In the UK, 18% of the UK adult population are obese (body mass index >30kg/m2) that’s 20% of women and 17% of men. The prevalence of obesity has been on the increase over the last twenty years and continues to soar. If current trends continue, more than a quarter of British adults will be obese within 8 years.

Sources include: British Health Foundation (2003)

Healthy Diet and Weight Control

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