Weight Loss When Breast-Feeding

Weight Loss When Breast-Feeding

Overweight breast-feeding moms may lose weight through a sensible diet and exercise program – without fear of harming their infants – a recent study has found.

Guidelines – Weight Loss While Breast-Feeding

  • Any woman who is breast feeding should first consult her physician and nutritionist before undertaking any weight loss program.
  • Breast-feeding women should not attempt to lose weight if they are only a few pounds overweight. Breast-feeding mothers who are only 5 pounds overweight shouldn’t try to lose weight. Unless a woman has sufficient fat reserves, dieting may hinder milk production and also cause the woman to feel fatigued.
  • A program of moderate exercise and energy restriction was successful in inducing weight loss in overweight, lactating mothers without harming the growth of their infants in the early postpartum period.

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