Weight Loss Plateau

weight loss plateau

How to Raise Metabolism to Beat Weight Loss Plateau

Q. Why does weight loss slow down?

This is a very common dieting issue.

We’re following our diet, we’re losing weight, then suddenly… weight loss suddenly slows down and then perhaps stops altogether!

Why? Because your body doesn’t realize you want to lose weight. It thinks you are being compelled to lose weight because of a shortage of food.

It has already shed a few pounds of fat and it is getting worried! So in response it slows down it’s metabolism in order to help protect you against possible starvation.

In other words, slower weight loss is your body’s defence mechanism against calorie-reduction.

When dieting it’s important to understand why weight loss slows down, otherwise (like most dieters) you may quit your diet-plan thinking you CAN’T lose weight.

Fortunately, this ‘weight loss plateau’ phenomenon is relatively easy to overcome.