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Alexandra is from Canada, aged 23 and has lost 87 pounds since she joined 18 months ago. She is planning to lose another 10 pounds which will bring her to a perfect weight for someone of her height of 5’7″.

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“I hope my progress has shown you, that if I can do it, ANYONE can. Trust me, I was overweight my entire life, as is most everyone else in my family. If I can slim down, there isn’t anyone on earth who can’t!! The big difference about Anne Collins weight loss program is the great support you get on her chat forum. She really delivers!”


Rene is 36 and has lost 35 pounds of weight dropping from a size 16 to a size 8.

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“August 2004 I was at my heaviest, wearing a size 16 at 5’2″. Then I came across Anne Collins weight loss program and haven’t looked back! Her program is great! I particularly love the GI diet plan. It helps me maintain a steady flow of blood sugar and not feel bad in between meals. Although I’m not diabetic, I used to get spells where I was sick when I went more than 3 hours without food, causing my blood sugar to drop. I’ve also used the 14 Day Booster Plan when I need to lose weight quicker or try to break through a plateau. I highly recommend Anne Collin’s eating plans… Also, log on as much as you can to her Chat Forums where you can share your successes and struggles with other dieters… I’m working on losing 15 more pounds to be where I was in High School!”


Melissa is 40, has lost 150 pounds over 2.5 years and is now working on her last 15 pounds.

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“I’ve tried on and off my whole life to lose weight, and while I managed to lose some, it wasn’t until I signed up for Anne Collins weight loss program that I felt I was actually learning HOW to eat so the weight will stay off.”

“Learning to change my eating habits as a lifestyle change and not just another diet is the best part of the Anne Collins program. The education and support I received was priceless.”

“The diet plans are great! Very flexible and easy to follow. All the options make it an interesting diet that is easy to follow, and easy to fit into my lifestyle.”

“Since my highest weight, I’ve lost almost 150 pounds. Using the Anne Collins plan, I’ve learned how to fit healthy eating and exercise into my daily life.”

“In the past I’ve lost hundreds of pounds in my life, only to put them back on, and more. With Anne Collins, I believe I have finally found the way to lose weight without feeling deprived, and I believe the weight will stay off.”


Colette has lost 60 pounds in the last 7 months. She has 25 more to go to reach her weight loss goal.

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“I hit 221 pounds in August 2005. I was fed up with being tired all the time, of feeling constant fear of possible future illness, of only being able to shop for clothing in 2 different stores for 15 straight years, for feeling invisible and being tormented by all the feelings of low self esteem and lack of value and looking older then I was.

I had all the same negative feelings I had struggled with for 15 years but could never seem to get it together enough to do something about it or succeed at a diet or exercise program.

Then I found Anne Collins diet program and support forum on the internet and the rest is history. It has been a place filled with people who all share the same issues as me and have the same struggles to overcome and can testify to many many failed diets behind them.

I have lost 60 pounds of body fat in the last 7 months and am still working on the last 25 pounds. I have made incredibly wonderful friends on the forum. I have never felt like I had to do this alone for 1 minute since starting. Anne has always been there for everybody with excellent advice and tips to overcome different common issues and I couldn’t recommend a better site in the world to join and achieve the success you have so long wanted and couldn’t find. You can’t help but succeed with Anne’s program and forum.


Juliette reduced her weight from 172 pounds to 127 pounds.

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I have lost weight before but I always regained it. This time, with 45 pounds to lose, I wanted to be able to maintain my weight loss and Anne Collins program seemed to be the most sensible way of achieving this. I’ve learnt so much from Anne and the other contributors to the forum. At first I found Anne’s motivation tips invaluable in helping me adjust my attitude and get myself into the right frame of mind to make a real lifestyle change rather than just “going on a diet”. I did the low GI plan because I love my carbs and that seemed like a plan I could actually stick to.

It wasn’t always easy, I have a huge sweet tooth and dealing with my chocolate habit took some effort to get under control, but one of the most important things I learned was that if I fell off the wagon and ate some chocolate I could just dust myself down and get back on. There was something so encouraging about going on to the forum, confessing to eating chocolate then committing to follow my plan strictly for the next couple of days. Everyone is always so positive and it seemed to me that whatever problem I had someone else had it too and we could work out strategies for dealing with it. Weighing in every week was essential for me. I posted my weight every week, whether or not I’d managed a loss. It was great to be congratulated when I achieved one of my targets and to be commiserated with when I hadn’t done as well as I’d hoped. On those weeks I could read all the losses posted by other forum members and that was so encouraging; some of the losses have been huge and it’s so inspiring to see your fellow diet-members moving towards their goals.

I’m a lot more aware of what and how I eat now, so hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the weight off this time. I’ve maintainined my 45-pound loss for three months now and I feel great. Losing weight isn’t just about the obvious changes that you can see, but the little things; all my boots fasten round my calves, I can buy my clothes anywhere, I can run up and down stairs without getting breathless, my hair and finger nails are shiny, my skin is clearer… there are more benefits than I have space for!!

“For all of you that are still travelling towards your weight loss goals I’d say… don’t give up! The end result is well worth all the travails of the journey! And if you need extra help, join Anne Collins diet program and forum – it really is so motivating.”


Jessica, aged 24, has lost a total of 163 pounds
of which 140 pounds were lost using our
No-Nonsense Balanced Diet.

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“Tthis world can be such a cruel place for those of us who are overweight. Unfortunately lots of people judge you by your looks and not by your character. High school was a nightmare and no boy would give me even the time of day.”

“My last recorded weight was at 298 lbs (have doctor’s weigh-in record to prove it) on my 5 4′ frame. I was pretty good at ignoring people’s comments but in all honesty it tore me apart emotionally. Lacking my family’s support to lose weight, I decided to move far away and ended up in Puerto Rico where I lost a lot of weight. Of course, not everything was that simple. I had to learn how to keep the weight off for good. I also knew I wanted to lose more weight but during that time I got married and moved back to the States. Despite my efforts, I started to slowly go back to my old habits and sure enough the weight started to creep back on. I refused to let it continue so I began searching the Internet for a healthy weight loss program and found Anne Collins wonderful site.”

“I joined Anne’s diet program and found more than I was expecting. I fell in love with the amazing support of the other members, talking to real women, and being able to private message or email Anne at anytime and know SHE would respond. The best part is that I have learned so much about nutrition and how to maintain my weight. I look forward to “weigh-in day” each week because of the personalized response from Anne.”

“If you are ready to fight the weight loss battle and taste a piece of success….. Anne Collins program is where you need to be!”

Jessica, Connecticut, USA


Patti has lost a total of 145 pounds on the program, reducing her weight from 265 pounds to 120 pounds.

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“I joined Anne Collins Weight Loss Program on June the 13th, 2005… from the start I was amazed at the response I received from Anne herself, her moderators and all the other members. I spent the first two weeks reading all the information and back posts. That in itself kept me away from the food. Anne personally helped me choose which diet plan to follow and when I had problems she told me how to handle different situations like work etc. Every weigh-in I was encouraged and motivated more by everyone here. Plus, absolutely any information that I needed was here. If I didn’t find it, all I had to do was ask and I got the answer… for everything from how to get rid of the flab under my arms, what exercises to do for inner thighs, to recipes for french fries that I could eat with no guilt. I am thankful every day that I found Anne Collins Weight Loss Program. Anne told me when I first joined that if I stuck with it I could be 100 pounds lighter in one year. “I never believed it would happen… but it did and now I have lost 45 more to boot!”

Patti, Missouri, USA


Marty, aged 65, started 1 year ago, lost 57 pounds and is now maintaining her weight.

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“Not long ago I was on blood pressure medication, thyroid meds, asthma, lipitor, water pills, and 2 inhalers. I also had big cholesterol problems. Then I woke up one day to find I had “polymyalgia rheumatica”, which means” many muscle pains”. I started taking prednisone and fosamax. Then I started gaining weight, then I had a peri rectol abcess…”

“Eventually, in Jan 2005 I started Anne Collins cholesterol lowering diet and joined her weight loss chat forum. By May I had lost 40 pounds and my cholesterol dropped 70 points. I hit a plateau at 140 and stayed there until August. Anne suggested that I change to her GI diet, which I did. By then I was on a lower dose of prednisone. In October. I was completely off the prednisone and the fosamax and reached my goal of 130. My doctor had lowered my thyroid medication and has lowered it twice since. Now I’m on half as much as at the start. He says I may completely go off it. I also have my cholesterol under control without meds. He took me off my blood pressure pills… I no longer have to use a laxative every night. I no longer have to use my inhalers. Also I used to have sleep apnea. I would wake my DH up gasping for air… I no longer have that problem. I sleep like a baby. In short, I have a whole new life now! I feel like a teenager, until I look in the mirror..Then I think huh! I don’t look bad for 65.”

“As you can see, Anne Collins has had a big impact on my life, and I have no hesitation in recomending her program and weight loss forum.”


Kathy, aged 42, has lost 40 pounds so far, with 5 to go to her goal weight. Has been on the program for 6 months.

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“While no one should judge themselves by the number on their weighing scales, it’s a fact that we all do. Those who tell you they are happy being overweight are only fooling themselves. Self-consciousness, embarrassment, feeling out of control, these are not the feelings of a happy person. These are the feelings of someone who feels hopeless and helpless when it comes to their weight. These were my feelings when I found Anne Collin’s Weight Loss Program.”

“Today those feelings are much different. Today I weigh less than I ever have in my adult life. I’m proud of my appearance, and the effort I’ve put into losing the excess weight. And while I’ve made these changes for myself, all of my family and friends have reaped the rewards. No longer am lethargic, unmotivated, or embarrassed to be out in public. I’m out there living life, the way it was meant to be lived. I couldn’t have done it without Anne Collins personal assistance, or without all of my friends on her weight loss forum. Together they are an unstoppable force when it comes to losing weight, and facing the day to day challenges of weight loss, proper nutrition, and exercise.”


Meantime, by joining my program, you receive full membership to my AWESOME weight loss forum where you can see TONS more photos of successful members, and talk to people who have achieved a weight loss of 100 pounds or more.

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I know how difficult it can be to lose weight. This is why my program is built on providing real PERSONAL support. My forum has thousands of friendly members, a group of wonderful dedicated moderators, plus myself. Together, we will help you to achieve all your weight loss goals, no matter how long your journey takes.