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Rightshape.com is one of the best sources of online diet and weight loss information.

(1) It contains hundreds of articles about energy intake and expenditure, including: calories in food, calorie needs for men and women, what exercises (aerobic/anaerobic) burn the most calories, how to raise your metabolic rate and more.
(2) It offers a wealth of resources on dietary issues, including: the human digestive system, how we metabolise fats, protein and carbohydrate, a complete guide to nutritional needs (eg. macronutrients, plus vitamins and minerals) and which nutrients are best for weight control. It also reviews low-fat diets, low carb diets, GI diets and vegetarian eating plans.
(3) It provides answers to questions like: how to lose weight without regain, how to reduce weight after pregnancy and during menopause, how fast to lose weight, how we store adipose tissue if we overeat, how to overcome a weight loss plateau, how to deal with hypothyroidism, how to manage weight when suffering from IBS, diverticulitis, celiac disease, diabetes, insulin resistance, PCOS, lactose intolerance and other complaints.
(4) It offers a complete guide to mild, morbid and abdominal obesity, covering questions like: what are the causes, health dangers and treatments for obesity, how to calculate your body mass index, what is a healthy weight, what is a healthy waist circumference, what is a healthy body fat percentage and much more.
(5) It provides answers to specific weight-related and diet-related questions including: what is high cholesterol, what should I eat to lower cholesterol and reduce weight, what is the best diet for high blood pressure, how can I lose weight if I have insulin resistance syndrome, and tons more.
(6) It contains dozens of articles on specific diet topics like: Glycemic Index (GI), glycemic load (GL), blood sugar levels, pre-diabetes and insulin insensitivity.
(7) It covers a variety of weight loss methods, including calorie-controlled dieting (inc. fad diets), medications for clinically obese patients, bariatric surgery (eg. stomach bypass and gastric banding) for morbidly obese candidates, and more.
(8) It offers a highly inspirational weight management program, which includes 9 healthy diets (try them all) plus free membership to Anne Collins community support forum.

Click the resources below, or visit: Weight Loss Help or Guide To Healthy Diet


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