Weight Loss & Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss (UK Report)

Eight patients were referred from a single general practice with an interest in hypnotherapy. The criteria for referral included clinical obesity, failure to respond to conventional methods of dieting over a prolonged period of time and evidence of occupational and social disability due to obesity.

All patients admitted to the study expressed a desire to lose weight but had experienced lack of success in maintaining the necessary dietary discipline. Underlying causes for obesity, including endocrine and metabolic, were excluded on clinical grounds. Each patient expressed enthusiasm for this novel approach to treatment of her disability.

Hypnotherapy was carried out on a one-to-one basis either in the general practice surgery environment or in the out-patient department of Hitchin Hospital, Herts, UK.


All patients showed a limited reduction in BMI, ranging from 3-17 per cent, after hypnotherapy.

Weight reduction was progressive in nearly all patients throughout the course of hypnotherapy. None of the patients suffered any adverse experience following hypnotherapy.

Follow-up by questionnaire two years after completion of the course of hypnotherapy revealed that six of the eight patients had maintained a reduced weight compared with the pre-treatment value. Of these six patients, four – 2,3,4 and 6 – showed a partial relapse, though still weighing less after two years than their pretreatment weights.

Although all eight patients found hypnotherapy beneficial in the short term, none of them was convinced of the long-term value of a single course.

SOURCE: Evelyn Greaves, G. Tidy, R.A.S. Christie


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