Weight Loss Program

What Makes Different?

I’d like to compliment your organization on an excellent diet plan, easy to follow, SENSIBLE, lots of variety with the only collection of recipes that I consistently enjoy. I have thousands of recipes and yours are simply the BEST!!! I find it much easier to be on this diet and also cook for my husband (who has heart disease)… hard to do on other diets. Before I was always making two dinnertime meals. Thanks for simplifying our lives! It has been very well spent money. We’re looking trimmer already. Let us know if you publish a cook book. – Deborah P (Pennsylvania)

I am returning to update you on my progress. I e-mailed you earlier with my situation of hypothyroidism and you advised me to begin with the 14 day diet and then progress to the 28 day diet. I am so excited! For the first time in two years, I can lose weight. I have always been very disciplined, but after two years of diet frustration, I really appreciated your motivation tips. I have as of today, lost 8 pounds. I lost 6 during the 14 day diet, and two in the week since with the 28 day diet. Thanks so much! – Cynthia P (Conn)


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