Weight and Lifespan

Weight and Lifespan

The US Surgeon-General has clearly highlighted the health risks of obesity. In addition, recent weight studies have shown the following associations between weight and life-expectancy/lifespan:

  • People who are overweight (aged 40) are likely to suffer a reduced lifespan of least three years, compared to those of normal weight.
  • In terms of life expectancy, being fat during middle age is on a par with smoking.
  • Overweight, non-smokers reduced their lifespan by an average of three years.
  • Obese female non-smokers reduced their lifespan by an average 7.1 years.
  • Obese male non-smokers reduced their lifespan by 5.8 years.
  • Morbidly obese men – (BMI > 45) – reduced their lifespan by up to 13 years.

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