Weight Target

I’m 70 pounds overweight and I’m desperate to lose weight. But it’s so hard to get started. How can I get motivated?

When you have a lot of weight to lose, it may seem like a long time until you reach your ideal weight and this can be depressing. So forget about losing 70 pounds and aim for a realistic weight loss goal.

  • Set yourself a goal of losing 4 pounds weight in 2 weeks
  • Use a diary and write down the deadline for your target and the intended weight loss
  • Weigh & measure yourself when you start (early morning) and maybe set yourself a target of inches to lose as well
  • Monitor your progress once a week and reward yourself each time you meet your weight or inches target.

How This Helps You To Lose Weight

  • Setting small weight loss goals makes it easier to start dieting
  • Writing out weight targets and monitoring your weight loss helps you to achieve things. This is an important motivator. Try it and see!

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