Best Diet for Weight Control

What Type of Diet is Best for Successful Weight Control

For a good weight control diet plan, let’s look at the National Weight Control Registry that maintains data on dieters who have lost an average of 60 pound weight without regain for 2 years.

According to a study into the diet and eating habits of National Weight Control Registry members, most are currently maintaining their weight losses by eating a low-energy, low-fat diet and engaging in regular physical activity. Thus, despite using very different methods to initially lose weight, individuals who lost weight on their own, through organized programs, or with liquid diets are all using similar strategies to maintain and control their weight.

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Burn Calories – Weight Control

A healthy way to achieve reasonable weight control, especially during menopause, is to increase your exercise. This helps to burn extra calories and raises your resting metabolic rate. It keeps your body working efficiently and it boosts your motivation to lose weight.

How Exercise Helps Weight Control

Let’s say you eat a 2oz packet of peanuts (approx 360 calories).

  • If you jump rope, you can burn off all these calories in about 33 minutes.
  • If you walk at 3mph, you can burn off these calories in about 72 minutes.
  • In addition, exercise helps to raise your metabolic rate, which makes it easier to control weight.
  • Finally, exercise also helps you to lose weight by boosting your motivation to stick to your weight control program.

Note: all calorie-burn figures are approximate. They are based on a 150 pound woman. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more calories. If you weigh less, you’ll burn less calories.



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