Waist Hips & Stomach

Waist Hips Stomach

About Excess Weight on Waist Hips & Stomach, Fat Distribution, Waist-Hip Ratio, Apple & Pear Shapes

Does it matter where my weight or fat is carrried?

Yes. From a health and weight control viewpoint, the location of your excess weight is important.

Think of body-shape-types as apples or pears.

Apple types carry excess weight around the waist and abdomen, rather than hips and thighs.

If an apple person follows a sensible weight loss diet and exercises regularly, they find it easier (than pears) to lose their excess weight. However, apples are at greater risk from cardiovascular disease, high blood-pressure, diabetes and some cancers.

Pear types carry excess weight around their hips, butt and thighs.

Pears find it more difficult than apples to lose their excess weight, but are less likely to suffer from heart-disease.

If you are banana-shaped, you’re in real trouble!!