Un Restricted Semifinalists

The wisdom and the experience of the [UN]RESTRICTED ACCESS jury members have spoken. After a hard week of voting, during which time jurors had to make tough decisions between the 200 uploaded entries, the semifinalists have finally been determined. Below are the 24 entries that are still in the competition for the 5 winning places. Up to an additional 5 finalists may be displayed at the Venice Biennale this Fall.

We congratulate all of the participants for the quality of projects submitted and thank them again for their participation! The second round of the jury process has begun on the 3rd of July and will last two weeks. Finalists and the Founders Award winner will be announced Tuesday, July 17

(note updated date – subject to change).

  • 12262 The Store – Pillbox Conversion, various pillbox sites (New Zealand coast) – Origin of design team: New Zealand
  • 12282 underground refuge, Meysam primary school shelter (Tehran, Iran) – Origin of design team: Iran
  • 12316 Amphibia, Tejas Verdes (San Antonio, Chile) – Origin of design team: Chile
  • 12457 Human Nature, Marine Corps Air Base (Tustin, California, United States) – Origin of design team: United States
  • 12490 [OCO – Ocean & Coastline Observatory], Trafaria (Lisbon, Portugal) – Origin of design team: Portugal
  • 12684 Kikotemal’ Rik K’aslem Memorial, Fmr. Office of the 6th body of the National Police (Guatemala City, Guatemala) – Origin of design team: Guatemala
  • 12773 Healing a Nation: Healing the Wounded, Bab Azizia Military Compound (Tripoli, Libya) – Origin of design team: United States
  • 12874 Decolonizing Architecture: Vieques as Symbol for a Post-Colonized Puerto Rico, Vieques (Puerto Rico) – Origin of design team: Puerto Rico
  • 12954 (Un)Earthing Tustin, Marine Corps Air Base (Tustin, California, United States) – Origin of design team: United States
  • 12958 [ARCH]itecture for Comm[UNITY], Ft. McClellan (Anniston, Alabama, United States) – Origin of design team: United States
  • 13022 B-tower (TM), various Cold War Air Watchtowers (Netherlands) – Origin of design team: Netherlands
  • 13044 ALTER YOUR NATIVE BELFAST / ALTERNATIVE BELFAST, Cupar Way (Belfast, Ireland) – Origin of design team: Ireland
  • 13063 Magazine Hill: a weathered continuum, Magazine Hill (Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa) – Origin of design team: South Africa
  • 13296 Paicho Huts IDP Camp Paicho (Gulu, Uganda) – Origin of design team: Uganda
  • 13412 PLUG-In HEBRON – People Liberated Urban Gaps In Hebron, Old City of Hebron (Palestinian Territory) – Origin of design team: United Kingdom
  • 13425 Marine Research Facilities (Whitstable, United Kingdom) – Origin of design team: France
  • 13561 The Poetry of Wind Power, Flak Towers (Vienna, Austria) – Origin of design team: Indonesia
  • 13693 Micro-Revolutions, Quartel do Parque Dom Pedro II Military Barracks (Sao Paulo, Brazil) – Origin of design team: Brazil
  • 13765 Ecological Processing Zone (EPZ), fmr. Army Base land, (Port of Oakland, California, United States) – Origin of design team: United States
  • 13792 [un]restricted access Entry: MAKEALLNOTWAR, Kepa Mieszczanska island (Warsaw, Poland) – Origin of design team: Poland
  • 13775 Reciprocal Gaze, Alaybey Naval Shipyard (Izmir, Turkey) – Origin of design team: Turkey
  • 13779 FLAKTURM ARCHIVES, Flak Towers (Vienna, Austria) – Origin of design team: United States
  • 13789 Humboldthain Food Cooperative, Humboldthain Flak Tower (Berlin, Germany) – Origin of design team: Germany
  • 13812 REGENERATE FORT CARROLL: A Gateway Ecological Park, Ft. Carroll (Baltimore, Maryland, United States) – Origin of design team: United States

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