Two million people displaced in Myanmar

Cyclone Nargis hit the heart of Myanmar on May 2, 2008. The official estimate is that 78,000 are dead and 56,000 are missing, putting the disaster on a par with a 1991 cyclone that killed 143,000 in neighboring Bangladesh. The storm has left another 2.5 million people without shelter or immediate access to food and water. Small numbers of aid workers have been permitted to support the relief effort. More is needed.

We are reaching out to our community to raise funds to provide design services to communities affected by the disaster. We will be reaching out to and supporting architects who are have previously worked in Myanmar. This is a small start, but could affect tens of thousands of those displaced. We are also compiling a list of post-disaster projects. To contribute to this list, share your ideas on the Open Architecture Network.

Appeal Update: $20,000 raised by over 240+ donors in the first 48 hours to support the rebuilding effort.

How your contribution can make a difference:

  • $15,000 supports a design team for six months to a year.
  • $50,000 builds a transitional school (Just about the most important thing you can do as it allows parents to rebuild and begin working again)
  • $150,000 builds a community complex (health clinic, daycare center, jobs training center, government offices.)

Architecture for Humanity supports long-term community-led reconstruction. Less than 8% of our funds go towards administration.

Learn more about our Burma efforts and previous examples of post-disaster reconstruction.

Myanmar Rebuilding Appeal

Architecture for Humanity is raising funds to support reconstruction efforts.Our work will focus on rebuilding sustainable clinics, schools, community centers and other critical infrastructure as well as housing. Please help us rebuild communities and lives.Support sustainable reconstruction. Make a donation today.


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