Trans-Fats – Hydrogenated Fats

What are Trans-fats?

Trans-fats are bad news for arteries!

Trans-fats are mainly contained in solid or semi-solid margarine’s, as well as commercial cooking oils that are used to produce many processed foods.

Trans Fats also called Hydrogenated Fats

In manufacture, liquid oils go through a process called hydrogenation, whereby each molecule of oil has several hydrogen atoms added to it. This makes the oil solid and less likely to become rancid.

Why bother to hydrogenate oils?

Because hydrogenation allows manufacturers to turn cheap, low quality oils into feasible butter-substitutes.

Hydrogenated fats and oils are like saturated fat

Trans-fats or hydrogenated fats that are created by this process of hydrogenation are very bad for our health because (like saturated fat) they raise cholesterol levels.

Most trans-fats or hydrogenated fats are eaten as margarine’s

Since most trans-fats are consumed in the form of margarine, you should study margarine food labels carefully, before buying. Avoid brands that include “hydrogenated fat” or “partially hydrogenated fat”.

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