Beauty and the Senses

The Dark Beauty of Gustave Klimt Michael Sones: Klimt was apparently interested in the more perverse aspects of human sexuality. Many of his paintings have a femme fatale motif or are darkly suggestive in other ambiguous ways. He was clearly attracted to the beauty of women and once said of himself that he was not an interesting person but that women were. However, there is a darker and more sinister side to women’s beauty in Klimt’s paintings….

Food and Taste Hunger is one of the most powerful natural drives and it is only when we are certain we will get enough to satisfy that hunger then taste, the preference of one food over another, becomes important.

Food In Ancient Times What and how much did our ancestors eat? Ancestral man was a hunter-gatherer. Remains from sites excavated by archaeologists indicate animals, bird, fish, and shellfish were the primary diet.

Sight and Color Nature is beautiful and the perception of colour is essential to enjoy this beauty. This is an overview of of the adaptive use of colour by plants and animals in Nature.

Chocolate There is no question that chocolate is one of the most beautiful and sensuous of foods with profound associations with both romance and the comforting of broken hearts. Made from the cacao beans of the cacao tree. The scientific name for this tree is “theobroma cacao” with theobroma meaning “food of the gods.”

Form and Symmetry Christy Turlington, a supermodel and acknowledged as one of the most beautiful women in the world, has attributed much of her success as an advertising icon to the perfect symmetry of her lips. Proportion and symmetry in an object seem to be always essential to our visual perception and experience of that object as being beautiful.

Alphonse Mucha Alphonse Mucha was a Czechoslovakian artist who epitomized the Art Nouveau movement which flourished in Europe around the turn of Twentieth Century and took its name from a shop, L’Art Nouveau, opened in Paris by Siegfried Bing in 1895. One of the characteristics of this movement is the attempt to make everything art and erase the division between art and life.

Sublime: New Works by Ling Jian The Berlin based Chinese artist Ling Jian is having an interesting exhibition of his work at the Courtyard Gallery in Beijing. In his portraits of androgynous, religious-secular, Asian-European figures he seems to be an artist for our times.

Beauty and the Care of Mature Skin News Canada: This article has some ideas about caring for mature skin with reference to products from Olay.


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