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“Why Doesn’t She?” : A Full-Length Review of Joanna Pitman’s On Blondes Michael Sones: If you are interested in the history of beauty, hair color, and hairstyles within the social context of culture then I think you will find Joanna Pitman’s On Blondes a book with all of the compelling fascination of a ‘blonde’ itself. Beginning with the ancient Greeks and concluding with the holy female trinity of Madonna, Princess Diana, and Margaret Thatcher it is an intriguing and knowledgeable study of the history and place of the ‘power of the blonde’ within the ‘symbolic code’ of different Western cultures.

Hair Disorders: Dermatologists Identify the Top 3 Causes of Tress Distress Press Release February 6 2004. This useful article from the American Academy of Dermatology identifies three major causes of hair loss and provides information as to what are FDA recommended treatments.

Hairstyle Gallery You can see our latest hairstyle gallery, with dozens of fantastic hairstyles, here.

Fall and Winter 2003 Hair Trends News Canada: “Judging by the designer fall runways, femininity is lost. In its place, a tough, sleek and almost masculine woman with a poised, self-confident attitude has evolved….Like fashion, fall hair trends have kept the same attitude. This season, femininity is replaced with strong, sexy and bold looks.

Hair Matters in Global Culture Michael Sones: Globalisation is leading to global beauty standards. Not much can be done about natural skin color but hair can be curled, kinked, straightened, dyed, and extended. A new beauty ideal, no longer solely dominated by Western cultures, is slowly emerging.

Prehistoric Venuses and Their Hairstyles There is evidence to suggest that our prehistoric ancestors in Western Europe had beauty salons where they got their hair done.

Hair in Ancient Egypt The ancient Egyptians dyed their hair and wore wigs made out of all kinds of materials. They were entranced with different and ‘non-natural’ colours well in advance of the pluralistic ideas which flourish in modern societies today.

Hairstyles Beauty Worlds: Well-groomed hair is beautiful and sexy. It can signify youth, health, and vitality. Many women don’t feel right unless they feel that their hair looks good. If their hair looks good they feel great.

History of the Beehive Kathie Rothkop: Great towering structures kept in place by tons of hairspray that, in the urban myths of the time, became a home to all manner of strange creatures.

History of the Blonde Kathie Rothkop: Jean Harlow, Marilyn Monroe, iconic figures of cinema and our culture.

Hair in the 1960s Beauty Worlds: This was the decade that transformed everything. And it began with four mop headed lads from Liverpool.

Hair in the 1970s Beauty Worlds: The decade began with the ‘Greening of America’ and ended with ‘The Culture of Narcissism’. Something got lost along the way.

Navigating the Politics of Weaves and Extensions Elaine Allen: Afro-Americans, weaves and extensions are a political minefield. Read about the views of one Afro-American woman.

Nappy Hair: A Marker of Identity and Difference Kasey West: Hair shapes both individual and cultural identities but if you are an Afro-American it also takes on a meaning within the historical context of slavery and the subsequent racism of American society.

Hair Matters Aleathea Lillitos: A review of Hair Matters by the sociologist Ingrid Banks. An investigation of how contemporary black women view their hair.

Nadeem: An Indian Hairstylist Nadeem is an Indian hairstylist with a passion for hairstyling. He cuts it with scissors, razors, and fire.

Hairstyle Gallery You can see a selection of hairstyles, both historical and contemporary, here.

Books on Hair-There is a great selection of books on hair and hairstyles here. Find books on styling tips, braiding, curly hair, baldness, African-American hair, beauty salons and much more.


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