Aspects of Beauty

About Beauty Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder. Our preferences for beautiful things evolved in us over countless millenia. We found things beautiful because they helped us to adapt and survive. Read more about this fascinating topic here and find great links to other top sites about beauty.

Biological Purpose of Beauty The biological purpose of beauty is to attract for purposes of sex. The biological purpose of sex is not fun but reproduction.

Rice-Beauty is Beastly Beauty is beastly if you are an attractive woman applying for a job in which appearance is not important. Read about research on the “beauty is beastly effect.”

Human Beauty What and why we find certain physical characteristics beautiful in the human body is a fascinating subject which is explored here. Appearance matters. What our ancestors have endowed to us through their genes does matter. Beauty does matter. It is a noble idealism which says that it should not. The evidence overwhelmingly is, in many walks of life, that our relative attractiveness influences what others think of us.

MGH-Research on Beauty and Facial Attractiveness A press release from Massachusetts General Hospital about research on facial beauty. Are our responses to beauty hard-wired into the neurons and synapses of our brain?

Mystique of Women While men are attracted to beautiful women they also have many anxieties about them. Is the beauty genuine or is it deceitful? What goes on in the mysterious interior? Is she a pussycat or a leopard? These anxieties can lead men to try to control women as a means of coping with them.

Form and Symmetry Christy Turlington, a supermodel and acknowledged as one of the most beautiful women in the world, has attributed much of her success as an advertising icon to the perfect symmetry of her lips. Proportion and symmetry in an object seem to be nearly always essential to our visual perception and experience of that object as being beautiful.

Theory of Beauty How and why did our perception of beauty and the beautiful evolve? How does this relate to evolution and biology. Visit this page for some interesting ideas.

History of the Beauty Pageant One of the first beauty contests took place in the mists of mythic time when Paris of Troy had to choose which of three beauties was the most comely. The controversy and conflict did not stop there. There were riots in Nigeria last year and most recently an Afghan woman, now living in the United States, has been slated by the Afghanistan government for wearing a bikini in a beauty contest.


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