Beauty and Adorning the Body

Cosmetics and Body Decoration The word cosmetics originates in the Greek ‘cosmos’ meaning order or arrangement. The Greeek philosopher, Hesiod, wrote one of the first warnings to men about the deceitfulness of women and how they disguise themselves through cosmetics.

Cosmetics, Style, and Beauty Concepts in Iran Massoume Price: This is and interesting article on the history of cosmetics in the ancient world with particular reference to Iran. There are photos of ancient artifacts illustrating dress and hairstyles.

Fashion While fashion may have evolutionary links with the flamboyant displays of peacocks and other birds it is clearly a way in which humans distance themselves from the natural world. Bodily decoration such as piercing, tattooing, scarification, teeth-filing, and foot-binding are ways of fashioning the natural body-making it other than just natural and communicating information about that person.

Beauty, Feathers, Fur and Fashion Humans have worn fur and feathers for thousands of years for both practical reasons and for decoration. The past few decades has seen a lot of controversy over the use of fur as a fashion item. I

Hair and Hairstyles Well-groomed, luxuriant, lustrous, hair is beautiful and sexy. It can signify youth, health, and vitality. Many women don’t feel right unless they feel their hair looks good. If their hair looks good they feel great. Some of the earliest known works of art are statuettes of women, thousands of years old , showing elaborate hairstyles.

What was it like to be an Ancient Egyptian woman? Beauty Worlds: Did she worry about how she looked, about her weight, about the first appearance of wrinkles on her skin? Did she diet and compare her figure with her friends? Was she bothered about bad breath and stretch marks?

The Cosmetic and Perfume Practices of the Ancient Egyptians Aimee Bove: Find out about how ancient Egyptians used cosmetics and perfume and what ingredients they used.


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