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The “Heart” Diet

Another Fad Diet

This so-called “Heart” diet is a 7-day fad diet that became big news when it was faxed around America in 1997. The diet plan involves unlimited bowls of soup made from spring onions, peppers, celery, onion soup mix and canned tomatoes, supplemented with different foods on successive days.

Spoof Diet

The “Heart” diet plan is a spoof and has nothing to do with hearts, or any heart foundation.

Not Healthy: No Long Term Weight Loss

Like the Cabbage Soup Diet, The “Heart” diet is supposed to be followed for one week only. Although, short-term weight loss is inevitable due to it’s extremely low calorie content, the “Heart” diet does not change eating habits and does not contain all the required nutrients. Therefore the diet cannot lead to long term weight loss.


Ignore it.


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