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This Website Does Not Offer Medical Diagnoses or Treatment

All of the material included on this website, which ranges from images, to text, to articles, is not intended to be a replacement for proper medical care or advice. It should be used exclusively for informational purposes. If you believe yourself to require medical attention for any reason, contact your physician, a licensed medical professional or call 911 for immediate help.

Age Policy

This website is not designed to be used by anyone under the age of 13. Some materials may be medically or sexually explicit and should not be used by those who find it to be offensive in any way. The website is not created to attract those under the age of 13, and we will not knowingly collect or retain any information from users younger than 13.

Allowed Content Use

Any content found on this website may be used by you for informational or noncommercial uses. Sharing, non-commercially, can be done only with the inclusion copyright information such as “©2015, Rightshape.com, All rights reserved.” All content included on the website is entirely protected by domestic and foreign copyright laws, and some is licensed under U.S. Patent No. 6,585,516. Failure to obey these Terms and Conditions will violate your right to use or share content on the website.

Liability of Rightshape.com

Please use Rightshape.com at your own risk. The website makes no formal warranties or guarantees regarding the accuracy of any information presented or the satisfaction of the user after adhering to advice, trying medications or complying with recommendations or information provided within the content. Under no circumstances will Rightshape.com, nor any associated or mentioned parties, be held responsible or liable for damages resulting in the improper use of any content, images, graphics or information included on the website.

Security of User Submissions and Passwords

Any user-generated content included on the website, which may include comments on related social media platforms and channels, will be open to public viewing. In addition, no submissions should ever contain information about other individuals or contain photographs or revealing information about others. Any information that needs to remain private should not be submitted in any way, shape or form to Rightshape.com.

Advertising and Affiliations

From time to time, Rightshape.com may include advertisements or links to third-party websites and corporations. This sponsored content is not a sign of any relationship or affiliation between Rightshape.com and any other businesses or websites, nor is it a sign that Rightshape.com agrees with or endorses any third-party websites or information. Use this website, and any included links or related websites found through embedded links, entirely at your own risk.

Copyright Infringement

If you believe that any content included on this website infringes your copyright to information, graphic or any other material, please contact Rightshape.com with information regarding the content, your full name, your permanent legal address, your email address and a formal statement detailing the potential infringement.

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