Ten Year Campaign

This campaign will build the capacity of our Chapters, Design Fellows and Open Architecture Network. It’s time to do more.



Grow and Support the Chapters

Grow our Chapters from 50 to 80 in the next year.

Volunteers drive our Chapters. They are our presence in the local community.

With your help we will be able to further enable their efforts by creating a chapter affiliate portal, provide chapters with an online community and create a toolkit of materials to aid in project management and fundraising.

Recruit more Design Fellows

Grow our Design Fellow Program from 15 to 25 designers in the next year.

Our Design Fellows change lives. They dedicate their ingenuity and expertise to solve complex problems and inspire others to do the same.

With your help we will have more capacity to link more communities to designers and bring sustainable design and construction where it is needed most. By developing a listserv of tools and establishing an online forum focused on collaboration and discussion, we can provide peer-to-peer mentoring for designers during their fellowship and beyond.

Expand the Open Architecture Network

Increase membership from 20,500 to 30,500 in the next year.

The Open Architecture Network is an online, open source community dedicated to improving living conditions through innovative and sustainable design. It is our platform for sharing expertise and knowledge, and for measuring our impact.

With your help we will optimize the Open Architecture Network’s functionality in order to provide local builders with access to information before and after projects.

The implementation of a new resource area will provide information on local materials and help teams form and manage relationships with community partners.

Become a Community Builder

Increase our Community Builders from 4 to 25 in the next year.

Architecture for Humanity is founded on a grassroots, build first culture. We roll up our sleeves, get out in the field and build. We are looking for people ready to roll up their sleeves with us. When you become a community builder you join a small circle of strategic thinkers and doers who help guide the organization.


  • Architecture For Humanity business cards for your use in being an advocate for building sustainable communities and making connections. You are part of our team; let’s make it official.
  • Bi-annual conference call with Co-founders, a forum to ask questions and share your ideas with our team.
  • Opportunity to participate in weekly one-on-one conversations with community designers (our own and others), social entrepreneurs, material manufacturers working on the cutting edge of community design (past guests include Greywater Guerillas, Hycrete and others)
  • Opportunity to nominate projects for Design Like You Give a Damn
  • Opportunity to jury the Open Architecture Challenge
  • First $20,000 of your contribution will go towards putting a designer in the field and building a project.
  • Opportunity to join us for an annual site visit to one of our projects where you can meet with other donors and board members, see the work in person and be a part of building sustainable community around the world.

Architecture for Humanity is building a better future using the power of design.

Over the past 10 years, and because of the many individuals and organizations that have invested their talent, knowledge and time, we have become the largest and most credible organization supporting community-based design and development.

This Ten Year Campaign focuses on funding an initiative to strengthen the three veins that ensure a future of increased impact for Architecture for Humanity.

By contributing to our Chapters, the Design Fellowship Program and The Open Architecture Network we can all have a hand in supporting individuals who share a passion for sustainable, community-centered design.


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