Teenage Eating Habits

American Teenage Eating Habits

About 42% of the nation’s 23 million teenagers eat five or more times a day, according to the “1998 Teenage Eating Study” by Channel One Network, New York. Slightly more than a third of teenagers eat four times per day. About one-quarter eat three or less meals daily.

A typical teenager visits fast food restaurants more than twice (2.13 times) per week and spends an average of $5.72 per visit. In total, teens shell out $13 billion annually for fast food. Most of that money goes for hamburgers, followed by pizza, Tex-Mex and chicken.

Lunch is the meal most likely to be eaten away from home, with most teens (58%) buying something at school and about 28% bringing something from home. After school, a typical teenager spends $1.25 on snacks.

SOURCE: 1998 Teenage Eating Study – Channel One Network, NY.

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