• Stroke and Morbid Obesity

    What is Stroke? A stroke (also called “brain attack”) involves potentially life-threatening damage to the brain caused by interruption to its blood supply. Most strokes are caused by cerebral thrombosis (blood clot in a brain artery), cerebral embolism or cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding). Atherosclerosis, Obesity and Stroke Atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the arteries, which may lead

  • Body Fat, Weight and Health

    If you want to lose weight and maintain good health, it’s beneficial to understand why body fat is an important factor for weight loss and health. See also Body Fat Calculators Body Weight and Body Fat Body weight may be divided into three types: bones, muscle and fat. In a healthy female of average weight,

  • Weight Chart For Children (Boys)

    Boy’s Weight Status Should Be Determined By Individual Examination Even if a boy’s weight falls between the 5th and 85th percentiles, this does not necessarily mean that he has a healthy weight. Your child’s weight status should be assessed by your doctor on the basis of individual examinations conducted over time. This method is required

  • Food and Taste

    Food and Taste

    by Michael Sones For most of the history of the Western world, and for much of the developing world today, food supplies have been precarious. Harvest failure, caused by weather, insect pests, or war could bring famine. Hunger is one of the most powerful natural drives and it is only when we are certain we

  • Atkins Diet: Health Issues

    Despite the hopeful results of two recent studies into the weight loss and health effects of the Atkins high protein diet, sceptics have pointed out the following drawbacks: Both weight loss studies were very small. By contrast, a 12-year Harvard study of 74,000 women recently revealed that those who consumed more fruits and vegetables were

  • Healthy Balanced Diet Plan

    My Balanced Diet Plan is a highly effective weight loss plan. But when it comes to losing weight, eating the right food is only PART of the answer. The most important part is developing the MOTIVATION to stick to your diet. This is why PERSONAL SUPPORT is such an important feature of my weight loss



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