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  • Lutheran HealthCare

    Lutheran HealthCare

    In celebration of Lutheran HealthCare’s 130th Anniversary, we have modernized our corporate mission statement, vision and core values to more accurately reflect the innovative organization that we are today, while also reaffirming our commitment to the basic faith-based tenets that define who we are. News and Events Lutheran healthcare, kings county district attorney announce expansion

  • Vegetarian Diet for Life

    Note: The diet includes full cooking instructions and recipe information. Breakfast Cereal, Yogurt & Fruit 1 medium piece fresh fruit 1/2 cup fat-free yogurt 1 cup cereal (Cheerios/Cornflakes/Special K) + 3 chopped Brazil nuts Lunch Pita/Roll with Hummus 1 wholemeal pita or roll 1 oz carton low-fat hummus Mixed green salad, 1 tbsp fat-free dressing

  • Healthy Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan

    Summary of Low Carbohydrate Diet Plan Healthy 28-day low carb diet plan for fastest possible weight loss Calorie values given for EVERY FOOD ITEM Carb values given for EVERY MEAL Provides 3 delicious low-carb meals and 3 snacks, each day 2 Phases: Phase 1 (14-days) – Phase 2 (14-days) Full list of food substitutions for

  • Vegetarian Weight Loss Plan

    Summary of Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet 28-day super-simple vegetarian weight loss plan Wide variety of delicious but quick-and-easy meals Calorie values given for EVERY FOOD ITEM Full list of food substitutions for picky eaters Full snack list Vegetarian fast food Full shopping list Vegetarian Quick-Start Diet is probably the easiest vegetarian diet program you’ll ever see.

  • 10-Minute Diet Meals

    Breakfast At-Home-Option Oatmeal with Milk, Walnuts & Raisins [Calories 276] Make up 1 packet instant oatmeal, with 1/2 cup fat-free milk, top with 1/2 ounce walnuts, 1 tbsp raisins. Take-Out Option Hash Browns and Scrambled Eggs [Calories 290] McDonalds: 1 portion Hash Browns, Scrambled Eggs Lunch Fast-Food Option Pizza Hut [Calories 360] One slice Thin

  • Weight Loss Diet Life

    Breakfast Egg, Yogurt & Fruit 1 medium piece fresh fruit 1/2 cup fat-free yogurt 1 scrambled egg on 1 slice wholemeal toast Lunch Savory Pita 1 wholemeal pita or roll 2 oz turkey with 2 tbsp salsa Lettuce, tomato, cucumber and onion salad 1 medium piece fresh fruit Main Meal Chili Chicken Tortilla Ingredients: 3



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