• Weight Loss Program Photo Album

    RENE Rene is 36 and has lost 35 pounds of weight dropping from a size 16 to a size 8. Read What Rene Says “August 2004 I was at my heaviest, wearing a size 16 at 5’2″. Then I came across Rightshape weight loss program and haven’t looked back! Her program is great! I particularly

  • Weight Loss before after pictures

    COLETTE Colette has lost 60 pounds in the last 7 months. She has 25 more to go to reach her weight loss goal. Read What Colette Says “I hit 221 pounds in August 2005. I was fed up with being tired all the time, of feeling constant fear of possible future illness, of only being

  • An Easy Way to Lose Weight

    An easy way to lose weight is to develop two important habits. Eat fewer calories (calories-in) and burn more calories (calories-out). Diet pills are NOT an easy way to lose weight because they don’t help us develop better eating habits or take more exercise. An Easy Way to Lose Weight – Drink Fewer Soft Drinks

  • Anyone Can Lose Weight

    I Have Never Met A Real Weight Loss Failure I began helping people to lose weight back in 1981. Since then, I have helped at least 10,000 clients in person and well over 200,000 via the Internet. Aside from a relatively small number of celebrities, most of those I’ve helped have been ordinary men, women

  • Fish Healthy Weight Loss Diet

    Fish is Better For Weight Loss Include more fish in your weight loss diet! White fish is low in calories, high in protein and very low in fat. Oily fish contains omega-3 essential fatty acids, which research shows are both super-healthy and very good for weight control. So if you really want to reduce weight

  • Fats and Oils in Healthy Weight Loss Diet

    Best Fats and Oils For Weight Loss If you want to reduce weight and stay healthy on a calorie-controlled diet, it’s important to include the right amount of fat in your eating plan, and choose the best types of oils. The main fats to avoid are saturated fat and trans fats. Excessive intake of saturated



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