• Binge Eating On Saturday Night

    Advice To Reduce Binge Eating Sometimes you can be doing real well on your diet, but then on Saturday night you eat everything in sight that is covered in chocolate. Having this type of binge can be quite upsetting to your new healthy eating plans. So what’s the best way to cope, when you feel

  • What Is The Biggest Dieting Mistake?

    Going Hungry Many dietitians and obesity experts have their own pet theories for the generally low level of diet compliance. In my opinion, based on 25 years of helping more than 200,000 dieters, the biggest mistake made by dieters is not eating enough. Why do I say this? Because hunger, not overeating, is the real

  • Questions About Cooking Oils

    Advice About The Best Cooking Oil To Use When Trying To Lose Weight Enova Cooking Oil Question: What’s your opinion about Enova cooking oil? I’ve heard it contains no trans fat and less of it is stored in the body as fat. Answer: Enova oil is very interesting. It is a blend of soybean and

  • Anyone Can Lose Weight

    I Have Never Met A Real Weight Loss Failure I began helping people to lose weight back in 1981. Since then, I have helped at least 10,000 clients in person and well over 200,000 via the Internet. Aside from a relatively small number of celebrities, most of those I’ve helped have been ordinary men, women

  • Raised Cholesterol – Symptoms

    High Cholesterol Levels Symptoms And Health Risks There are few if any visible symptoms of raised cholesterol levels in the bloodstream (hypercholesterolemia), although in some patients with genetically inherited high cholesterol (familial hypercholesterolemia), it is possible to see deposits of cholesterol in the skin, eyelids (xanthelasma palpabrum), cornea (arcus senilis) and tendons (xanthoma). Technically, hypercholesterolemia

  • Guide To Obesity, Cholesterol And Heart Disease

    Obesity, a disease of excess fat tissue in the body (BMI > 30), is now recognized as a major risk factor for atherosclerotic coronary heart disease, which can cause heart attacks. Medical research into lipids and cardiovascular disease has identified some of the reasons for this higher risk but many of the factors linking obesity



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