• Rehab Addicts Center

    Rehab Addicts Center

    Rehabilitation Center It may take someone about 21 days to develop a new habit according to some experts. Some would definitely be shorter to develop while others may be longer. As much as I know, some acts are way too interesting to forget easily and making such acts a habit is very easy. And such

  • About the TRIL Centre

    About the TRIL Centre

    The TRIL Centre is a coordinated collection of research projects addressing the physical, cognitive and social consequences of aging, all informed by ethnographic research and supported by a shared pool of knowledge and engineering resources. The TRIL Centre’s mission is to discover and deliver technology solutions which support independent aging, ideally in a home environment.

  • The fact about Independent Living

    The fact about Independent Living

    Older adults and individuals with special needs still have the right to enjoy life, but health or age might sometimes be a limiting factor. However, with proper training and guidance, one can overcome most of these obstacles. Individuals with special needs, also appreciate when they can do things on their own, like take a shower,

  • I Have No Willpower. How Can I Lose Weight?

    Weight loss doesn’t require willpower. It requires an incentive. When you have an incentive to lose weight, weight loss is easy. Dieters who have an incentive to get slim always lose more weight than those who don’t have one. So find an incentive and reduce that fat! See also Willpower to Lose Weight More Weight

  • Carbohydrates in Nuts

    Carb Content of Nuts Please Note: all carbohydrate values are approximate Nuts (serving size 1/2 cup) Carbs (g) Almonds, dried 9g Brazil nuts 9g Cashew nuts, dry roasted 22g Hazelnuts (3oz) 5g Peanuts, roasted (3oz) 10g Pecans, dry roasted (1oz) 6g Pistachio nuts, dry roasted 16g Walnuts 8g Want to Lose Weight for Ever? Choose

  • Carbohydrates in Cheese

    Please Note: all carbohydrate values are approximate Cheese (serving size 1oz) Carbs (g) Cheddar 0.4g Cottage cheese (1 cup) 6g Cream cheese, 1% fat (1 tbsp) 0.4g Feta 1g Mozzarella, whole milk 0.6g Parmesan, grated (1 tbsp) 0.2g Roquefort 0.6g Want to Lose Weight for Ever? Choose Weight Loss Diet Program It’s a healthy weight