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    Lutheran HealthCare

    In celebration of Lutheran HealthCare’s 130th Anniversary, we have modernized our corporate mission statement, vision and core values to more accurately reflect the innovative organization that we are today, while also reaffirming our commitment to the basic faith-based tenets that define who we are. coronavirus live update News and Events Lutheran healthcare, kings county district

  • Body Fat, Weight and Health

    If you want to lose weight and maintain good health, it’s beneficial to understand why body fat is an important factor for weight loss and health. See also Body Fat Calculators Body Weight and Body Fat Body weight may be divided into three types: bones, muscle and fat. In a healthy female of average weight,

  • Exercise & Fitness Gym Equipment

    Exercise and Fitness Equipment Whether you want lose weight, maintain your weight, burn fat to improve your fat/muscle ratio or simply improve your fitness level, here are just a few practical tips about buying treadmills and cycles, and steppers fitness equipment for your home gym. Treadmills for Home Gyms An extremely versatile type of exercise

  • How to Reduce Obesity

    A healthy way to reduce obesity is to increase your exercise. This helps to burn extra calories and raises your resting metabolic rate. It keeps your body working efficiently and it boosts your motivation to lose weight. How Exercise Assists You to Reduce Obesity Let’s say you drink 2 x 5 fl oz glasses of

  • Exercise & Calories Burned Tables

    To find out how long you need to exercise in order to burn off the calories in a variety of foods, click below: Burgers/Chicken Other Fast Food Fast Food Extras Mexican Fast Food Fast Food Desserts Doughnuts/Muffins Other Snack Breads Alcohol Soft Drinks Beef Fish Cheese Vegetables Fruit Mayo/Add-ons Dressings

  • Diet Fitness Information & Advice

    Diet Fitness – Information and Advice Foods to Improve Nutrition and Fitness Diet foods which (supposedly) aid fitness and help boost fat loss are everywhere. There are hundreds of so-called “fitness foods”,”fitness drinks”, “sports nutrition foods” and “sports drinks” along with any number of natural sports supplements and other functional diet foods to help us



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