• Cholesterol And Atherosclerosis

    Atherosclerosis: Cardiovascular Disease “Narrowing Of Arteries” Arteries are blood vessels that circulate blood, oxygen and nutrients, from the heart to the rest of the body. Atherosclerosis is an arterial disease in which a build up of plaque occurs in the lining (intima) of the wall of an artery causing a “narrowing” effect and a consequent

  • The Facts About Eggs And Cholesterol

    Eggs Are High In Dietary Cholesterol Whole eggs contain a high level of dietary cholesterol (approx 220-245mg per egg) and thus make a significant contribution to your daily cholesterol intake. Official guidelines state that the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for cholesterol is 300 mg, irrespective of calorie intake. No Link Between Egg Consumption And Cardiovascular

  • Advice About Butter, Margarine And Cholesterol

    Which Is Best: Butter Or Margarine? Saturates Versus Trans Fats We know that butter is high in total fat, including saturates. And we know that over consumption of saturated fat may lead to raised cholesterol in the blood (hypercholesterolemia), a consequent narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis), and cardiovascular disease. So many of us stopped eating

  • Cholesterol in Pancakes & Waffles

    Cholesterol Content of Pancakes, Waffles Please note: all cholesterol values are approximate Pancakes, Waffles (1) Cholesterol (mg) Pancakes plain, frozen, ready-to-heat (inc buttermilk) 36g 3mg Pancakes, plain, dry mix, complete, prepared 38g 5mg Pancakes, plain, dry mix, incomplete, prepared 38g 27mg Waffles, plain, frozen, ready-to-heat, toasted (inc buttermilk) 33g 8mg Waffles, plain, prepared from recipe

  • Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

    Cholesterol-Lowering Diet is a healthy low-fat eating plan that allows you to lose 10 pounds a month, and to go on losing weight in a fast healthy way until you reach your goal. Designed to reduce cholesterol levels, improve your heart health and normalize your weight at the FASTEST possible speed, it is packed with



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