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  • Weight Chart For Children (Boys)

    Boy’s Weight Status Should Be Determined By Individual Examination Even if a boy’s weight falls between the 5th and 85th percentiles, this does not necessarily mean that he has a healthy weight. Your child’s weight status should be assessed by your doctor on the basis of individual examinations conducted over time. This method is required

  • Weight Reduction For Men

    Weight Reduction For Men

    Prevalence of Male Obesity The last two and a half decades have witnessed a significant increase in overweight among men of all ages. Studies show that 27 out of 100 American men aged 20-74 years are obese (BMI > 30). This compares with 19 percent of Australian males, 12 percent of French males and 3.6

  • Obesity Information

    Obesity Information

    What is Obesity? If someone is obese, it means they are seriously overweight as a result of having too much body fat. In adults, the exact level of obesity is determined by reference to the Body Mass Index (BMI). A score of 30+ on the BMI indicates mild obesity. Types of severe clinical obesity include

  • Obesity Chart

    Weight Chart to Calculate How Overweight or Obese Guide to Measuring Adult Obesity There is no definitive way of assessing obesity. However, many doctors use a height-weight system known as the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a rough guide to assessing obesity, including morbid or malignant obesity, among the general adult population. Obesity Chart Use



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