Super Typhoon Haiyan Response

Super Typhoon Haiyan is currently making landfall in regions in the Philippines.

Typhoon-HaiyanEighteen million people live in the worst affected regions, and some of the affected areas include those that are still reeling from the impact of a 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the area on 15 October 2013. Telecommunication and electricity remain interrupted. Air and seaports are closed. Access to the affected area is limited due to damaged roads and fallen trees. (source: OCHA)

With Architecture for Humanity’s experience helping communities beyond the relief phase of disaster, we are currently mobilizing to assist in long-term reconstruction. Through speaking with local stakeholders and construction professionals, we are working to begin understanding the on-the-ground situation to prioritize rebuilding needs and help affected regions build back better and stronger.

“We are currently in touch with local architects and partners within our network, who are helping us to identify the most critical rebuilding needs – both in the short and long term. As we identify these needs, we will work with communities to build back better. Early support will allow us to begin working with communities immediately and empower local architects to drive recovery locally,” – Eric Cesal, Director, Reconstruction and Resiliency Studio.


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