Stock Saw & Standing Block Chop

Stock Saw

STIHL-TIMBERSPORTS-1The stock saw discipline is a true test of operator ability. The competitor uses a MS 660 STIHL Magnum” chain saw and begins with both hands on the log and the chain saw idling on the deck.

At the gun, the sawyer makes two cuts through 16 inches of white pine. With only four inches of wood to work with, precision is key. If a competitor saws outside of that or fails to saw a complete cookie, he will be disqualified.

Martin Komarek set the world record in the stock saw discipline at 9.45 seconds in at the Oregon State Fair in 2010.

Standing Block Chop

Standing-Block-ChopMimicking the felling of a tree, the competitor races to chop through 12 to 14 inches of vertical white pine.

The competitor must chop from both sides of the log. The time ends when the block is severed. Precision is the key to success in this event. Stamina is the primary challenge because this is one of the most physically exhausting events.

David Bolstad set the world record for the standing block chop at 12.28 seconds in 1999.


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