Sodium in Breakfast Cereal

Sodium Content of Breakfast Cereal 3.

Please note: all dietary sodium values are approximate

Breakfast Cereals
Sodium (mg)
Quakers – Quaker Oat Life (3/4 cup) 164mg
Quakers – Cap’n Crunch (3/4 cup) 202mg
Quakers – Corn Grits, instant, plain (1 pkt) (137g) 289mg
Quakers – Oatmeal, instant, maple & brown sugar (1 pkt) (155g) 234mg
Cream of Wheat, instant, (1 pkt) (142g) 241mg
Cream of Wheat, regular w/water, 1 cup 3mg
Wheatena w/water, 1 cup 5mg
Kraft, Post Original Shredded Wheat (2 biscuits) 3mg

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