How to Lose Fat on Thighs

I help LOTS of women to reduce fat on their thighs

It’s not difficult, but it does take time

There are NO short-cuts

So DON’T waste your time looking for them

The 4 Steps to Slimmer Thighs

1. Get to know the facts

2. Follow a sensible diet

3. Take a little exercise

4. Don’t get impatient

Facts about Fat Thighs

Fact 1 : The only way to lose fat off your thighs, hips & butt is by changing your eating habits

Fact 2 : If you are overweight and you want lean thighs lean hips and a lean butt you must follow a sensible weight loss diet

Fact 3 : Although each of us has a unique bone structure and basic body shape,which we can’t change,we can change our weight and fat

Fact 4 : If you have a lot of fat on your hips and thighs,you MUST be patient.Fat thighs do not disappear overnight.However, if you follow a sensible weight loss diet, ALL your fat will gradually disappear

Fact 5 : A sensible diet is a balanced eating-plan which is high in vegetables, fruit, and other complex carbohydrates, low in fat and moderate in protein. e.g. Weight Loss Program

Fact 6 : There are NO special diets which can reduce fat from your hips and thighs.The ONLY way to remove fat from specific are as of the body is through Liposuction

Fact 7 : There is NO exercise which can reduce fat from a specific area of your body like your hips, thighs or butt.

Fact 8 : Exercise can improve the shape of a particular part of your body, by tightening muscles,but it can’t reduce the fat in these areas

Fact 9 : No one is doomed to have fat thighs or fat hips. You can lose it all.Remember: There are no fat thighs after a famine.

Fact 10 : An excellent way to get lean thighs, lean hips and a beautiful lean butt is to follow the Weight Loss Program



1. We women are programmed by Nature to store fat on the lower part of our body in order to protect our reproductive organs. Thus, after menopause, when we are no longer able to reproduce, our weight distribution changes and we accumulate more fat above the waist – just like men.

2. Our genes also influence where we store our excess fat. For example, if the female members of our family have tended to store fat on their hips, we may do the same. Likewise, we also inherit our bone structure – wide or narrow hip bones, broad or narrow shoulders.

3. We do NOT, however, inherit the fat itself. We alone are responsible for this, and we can change this any time we want to.


The main reason we have fat thighs, fat hips or a fat butt, is because of what we EAT

Remember: no one stores fat anywhere, unless they consume more energy than they expend

Therefore, the ONLY way to get rid of fat thighs is to CHANGE OUR EATING HABITS. In particular, we must EAT LESS FAT

We can’t exercise it off, we can’t massage it off, we can’t beat it off, the only solution is to EAT a SENSIBLE DIET

This is the only way to get lean thighs.
I see hundreds of overweight individuals, every year.
I’ve helped thousands of overweight people over the past 24 years.
If there was a quick-fix solution, I’d be the first to know


A good start is to watch your intake of FAT and REFINED CARBS

An ideal way of doing this, is to follow my wonderful diet

Think you don’t eat much fat?

Many people say to me, “I hardly eat any fat.” But the truth is, most of them eat far more than they realize You see, fat is very sneaky – it turns up in all sorts of foods without you noticing. And some foods are real FAT-BOMBS

Let me give you six examples:

1 little pat of butter on your roll = 8 grams of fat
1 spread of mayo on your sandwich = 8 grams of fat
1 tablespoon of dressing on your salad = 10 grams of fat
A handful of peanuts with your drink = 26 grams of fat
1 spoonful of cream in your soup = 10 grams of fat
1 cup of full-fat milk in your cereal = 7 grams of fat

And Hey Presto! You’ve just eaten 69 grams of fat (621 calories)

Tried every diet? Still got fat thighs? Read on.

Last year a girl called Paula came to see me.
“I know I’m stuck with my big butt” she said,
“but I’d like to lose weight off the rest of me.”

I said, “Hold on a moment. Why are you stuck with a big butt?”

She said: “I’ve always had it. I hate it but it’s the same as my mothers.
I’ve dieted before but my butt doesn’t change.”

Paula followed my diet and lost 44 pounds. Recently she told me that her favorite time of the day is
when she gets out of the shower in the morning and looks at her butt in the mirror! She just can’t believe that her butt is so slim.

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