Serrapeptase is a BIG term. A metaphoric one indeed! It symbolizes centrality of the matter at hand. And Yes! Serrapeptase is a vital proteolytic enzyme which is derived from silkworms. Actually it dissolves silkworm`s cocoon. From the look of things Serrapeptase is a lengthy term but equivalent to its wide variety of clinical applications. It has numerous benefits that make the serrapeptase worth the attention it has drawn so far.From time immemorial this product has been being used for its inflammatory properties.

Be informed about serrapeptase and meet a product that concerns itself with your health. In fact it will give you more than you could ever ask for;

  • Healthy arteries
  • Healthy body
  • Healthy lungs
  • Lack of inflammation
  • Outstanding digestive enzymes

Anyway the above is just a hint. More awaits you. Keep reading!

Would You Like to Know How Serrapepetase Works!

How serrapeptase works is quite incredible. But it is an immunologically active enzyme. It usually binds with alpha 2 macroglobulin in the plasma. While retaining its enzymatic activity it is shielded from the immune system. This creates an excellent opportunity for it to be carried to the sites where it is required by the body. This unique action is the reason why silkworm eat its own protective cocoon and digest it without any problem and later fly away happy for having eaten the protective cocoon. One of its most striking features is that it is liable of digesting only non-living tissue causing the old toxic layers that glue to the digestive system and the arteries lining to dissolve. This explains the reason why it super excellent at preventing arterial deposits from building up particularly after undergoing heart surgery.

What Are the Health Benefits of Serrapepetase?

Serrapepetase plays a vital role in enhancing good body healthy. In other words it has given patients hope and rejuvenated their strength. Major health benefits include;

Reduce pain, Edema and swelling

  • A research was conducted and serrapepetase was found to reduce swelling in post-operative patients up to 50% .In addition it was found to be super quality in reducing pain. And continuous use of this enzyme rendered one pain free.

Remedy for traumatic injuries

  • Most of the post-surgical patients are associated with traumatic injuries for instance sprains and torn ligaments. However serrapepetase is a solution to such kind of discomfort.

Controls cystic breast disease

  • This enzyme is responsible for the reduction of breast pain, swelling and induration. This is because it possesses fibrinolytic, proteolytic as well as anti-edemic properties.

Reduces ear, nose and throat infection

  • Serrapepetase is good news to patients suffering from acute or chronic ear, nose or throat disease. This is because it suppresses all the symptoms associated with such problems. It is liable of controlling the viscosity of mucous enhancing drainage.

Reduces Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Using Serrapepetase results to the reduction of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Prevents the progress of chronic redness

  • This enzyme is known for its resistance to redness. That property makes it ideal for the reduction of chronic or acute symptoms.


  • What is most striking pertaining Serrapepetase is that it is liable of dissolving blood clots as well as reducing varicose veins. In addition studies proved that it could efficiently eradicate atherosclerotic plaque without interfering with any of the strong cells that are aligned in the arterial wall.

Incredibly the list of Serrapepetase benefits is quite long. But it is outstanding in facilitating the human health and prevention of diseases. For instance it serves other purposes such as treating arthritis, back and neck pain. Reduces diabetes, ulcers as well as osteoporosis. As if that is not enough it speeds up the healing of post-operative scars, lesions as well as sport injuries. They prevent arterial diseases angina, and blood clots. They are also effective anti-aging and are outstanding in restoring healthy fibrin metabolism. Most importantly they reduce C-reactive protein. Serrapepetase enzyme performs remarkably well in the prevention of lung congestion.

Unmistakably speaking Serrapepetase enzymes are worth every effort. You can rarely find a product that has such long list of benefits. As a matter of fact you are just lucky being informed about this most exciting enzyme.

Does Serrapepetase Have Any Side Effects?

The good news is that Serrapepetase has no serious side effects. However there is likelihood that you may experience effects such as minor aches and pain most particularly after taking serrapepetase on daily basis for a long duration. In that case it is recommendable to take in one tablet a day at least 2 or 3 days each week. This may help you refrain from the minor effects such as upset stomach and nausea though such symptoms are quite rare in relation to this product.

How Do I Take Serrapepetase?

Actually the standard dose for this product is 10-60 mg. It is advisable to supplement this enzyme on an empty stomach at least 30 minutes before a meal and roughly 2 hours after you have taken a meal. You should use serrapepetase supplement 3 times a day. Consuming 10 mgs serrapepetase every eight hours will work miracles. You should bear in mind that 10 mgs of this product is equivalent to 20,000 enzymatic units.

What do folks have to say in regard to serrapepetase?

Ralph says.,

“I initially got my bottle of serrapeptase for treating my own high cholesterol levels, and it worked great! One side effect that I noted is that my sexual experience improved dramatically. Mostly likely due to improved blood circulation. I also have experienced even more pleasant surprise when giving serrapeptase to my two autistic boys. Though it doesn’t seem like serrapeptase is widely recognized by the autism community yet, I strongly believe that serrapepetase works perfectly to remove gluten and casein that are already in the blood stream of an autistic child. I was very surprised when my son’s hyperactive behavior quickly diminished in a day or two when I started giving them serrapeptase. My sons have been on GFCF diet plus chelation therapy for a year. They still get hyperactive upon taking chelating agents, and serrapeptase is now changing the scene.”

The right pricesshopper says.,

“I used this to clear my blocked right fallopian tube and it completely worked to unblock my tubes! I used it for about two months on an empty stomach and waited 1 hour after taking about 2 pills before eating. It does work my HSG test shows both tubes open and clear.’’

Does serrapepetase have other uses apart from treating human beings?

Yes! You love pets? I mean cats and dogs? If that is the case I would not blame you if you feel down casted any time your cat or dog is sick. (Oh I hate cats and dogs!) Am glad you are different. Thumbs up! Back to the point……, Serrapeptase is quite effective on all kind of heals internal scars in animals. The good news is that it can work pretty well even on surface scars. It achieves this by digesting the scar tissue continually after which a healthy tissue eventually replaces an old scar.

Detailed features of serrapepetase

Best serrapeptase is quite effective in the promotion and maintenance of healthy sinus as well as airway function. It`s use contributes to healthy immune response

Its super quality in dissolving hard particles that are made of proteinwhich in turn cause disturbing side effects from toxins, scar tissue, blood clots as well as cysts.

It may surprise you to know that serrapeptase has been studied for a period of more than forty years. It is also a proteolytic enzyme that is derived from Seraitia bacteria species strain E15.

Unfortunately stomach acids are likely to destroy serrapeptase but the best serrapeptase is usually coated with serrateric to prevent it from being destructed until it reaches the intestines and enhances absorption.

Does Serrapeptase have other names?

Definitely yes! This product has other names which include

Serratiopeptidase, you can call it Serratia E-15, Serralysin, Serratiaprotease and silkworm enzymes.Don`t be surprised if you see any of the above names in the market. Despite all these names they are simply describing the amazing serrapeptase.

Are there things that I ought to note pertaining serrapeptase?

Of course yes. Should you forget everything you have read so far, don`t forget serrapeptase will only work with an enteric coated capsule. This will prevent it from being destructed by the stomach acids.

You should always be very cautious while pairing serrapeptase with moderately potent blood thinners. This is due to its potential fibrolytic activity.

Is there anything you have not told me about the world’s most exciting enzyme serrapeptase?

As a matter of fact words cannot contain everything about serrapeptase. Nevertheless serrapeptase is a superior enzyme with outstanding properties. It splits non-living tissue in the body dissolving the old toxic layers that may have clogged in the digestive tract as well as the lining of the arteries.

How does serrapeptase enhance respiratory health?

Actually there exists white blood cells that are related with respiratory inflammation and are referred as neutrophils. Neutrophils usually buildup at a site of infection where they indulge in ingesting and destroying harmful cells. Persons who are suffering from respiratory disease are prone to inflammation since neutrophils have a tendency of accumulating in the lungs of the infected. But the good news is that serrapeptase plays a vital role in reducing the neutrophils in the bloodstream thus preventing any chance of inflammation in the lungs. This improves the health of the respiratory system.

To sum up all. You now know what you need to remain healthy until you are no more. I recommend that you go down the aisle with Serrapeptase enzyme. And definitely you will have a happy ever after.

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