How to Save Calories

How to Save Calories

In order to save calories and lose weight, we need to do two things. We need to consume fewer calories (calories-in) and burn up more calories (calories-out).

A good way to save calories is to eat less high-fat foods and switch to low-fat options. Of course, low-fat doesn’t necessarily mean low-calorie. Some low-fat foods can actually contain more calories than full-fat. But it’s quite a useful guide to calorie content.

Save Calories by Cutting Out 1 Weekly Eating Habit

A typical slice of Custard pie contains 325 calories.
It is not an ideal food if you want to save calories.

By NOT eating custard pie, once a week, you consume about 16,900 fewer calories, per year.

This is equivalent to about 4.8 pounds of weight.


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