Salads Out

Food Calories in brackets

Dining Out Swaps Weight & Dining Out Weight Control Dining Out Weight Loss Dining Out
Swap Caesar Salad (main dish) (415) Pasta & Salami salad (main dish) (670) 1 cup Waldorf Salad (255) Curried Chicken Cashew Salad (main dish) (625)
For Avocado, tomato & chicken salad w/o dressing (main dish) (275) Beef, pasta & bean salad (main dish) (365) 2 cups tossed green salad w/o dressing (30) Thai Chicken Salad w/o dressing (main dish) (310)
Save 140 calories (once a week = 7,280 calories per year) 305 calories (once a week = 15,860 calories per year) 225 calories (once a week = 11,700 calories per year) 315 calories (once a week = 16,380 calories per year)
Annual Weight Loss or Weight Saving 2 pounds of weight 4.5 pounds of weight 3.3 pounds of weight 4.7 pounds of weight

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