Restore the Shore – Seaside Heights, NJ

As we have begun to understand the sheer devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy on the eastern seaboard, one town seems to have bore the brunt of the disaster. Seaside Heights, situated in the heart of the Jersey shore and home to decades of summer memories, has been left ravaged by the storm. According to city officials it is estimated that 80-90% of all properties in Seaside Heights have sustained some type of damage and the boardwalk, which made the town a destination spot, has been destroyed.

Having spent four years working on rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina, we recognize the damage in New Jersey to be on par with some of the worst hit areas of the Gulf coast. We need to build back stronger and in a more resilient manner. While we cannot tame nature we can build to protect residents and the economic lifeline of the community.

Beyond our Hurricane Sandy Reconstruction Fund we have created a special “Restore the Shore” fund to collect toward the rebuilding of the famed Seaside Heights boardwalk, as well as supporting the re-building efforts of businesses and residents in the community that have been so affected by this historic storm.

We will be working alongside the Borough of Seaside Heights over the coming months to focus on rebuilding of the economic heart of the community and the boardwalk. Our volunteer professionals have been working day and night since the storm in affected communities and this week we will begin more in depth assessments of Seaside Heights to gain further understanding as to how to rebuild after Sandy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones during this storm and we will dedicate to help bring back communities to this historic and treasured place.


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