Weight Regain Problem

Regaining Weight When Dieting – Diet Motivation Advice

Last Week I Lost 2 Pounds. This Week I Regained 1.5 Pounds Help! I’m Going Crazy!

Sounds like dieting is stressing you out!

Instead of focusing on “diet” and “dieting”, why not focus on leading a “healthier lifestyle” with healthier eating and exercise habits.

Point is, most dieters are dominated and totally stressed out by their weighing scales.

If their scales say they have lost weight they are elated; if their scales say they have not lost weight they fall into depression. This short term approach is very difficult to sustain and often causes great stress.

A better approach to weight loss and weight management is to focus on “healthy eating.” Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, add less fat to your foods and eat more “natural” foods like whole grains such as oats, whole wheat bread and cereals.

This type of healthy food approach not only makes us feel better, it removes a lot of the tension involved in “dieting”.


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