My Husband is Worried About his Weight and Cholesterol. What Should I do?

1. Pick up the phone and call your doctor. Arrange for your husband to have his cholesterol and fat levels checked.

His cholesterol test will determine his total blood fat level and also the ratio of LDL (low density lipoprotein – the bad fat) to HDL (high density lipoprotein – the good fat).

As a rule, the higher the HDL and the lower the LDL, the better.

It’s a very simple test and it only takes a moment, so don’t put it off any longer.

Once this cholesterol test is done, your husband can discuss the matter with his doctor.

2. Meantime, your husband should reduce his intake of dietary fat.

The first step in reducing dietary fat intake, is to cut down on all the visible fats, like mayo, pastries, butter, cream, chicken skin, meat-fat and cheese. These foods are very high in fat, especially saturated fat which helps raise cholesterol levels.

Another source of saturated fat to reduce, are the ‘invisible’ fats and oils in processed meat-products, cookies, candy and cakes. The only way to reduce invisible fat is to read all labels very carefully.

Anyone with high cholesterol should consider reducing their calories-from-fat to 20-25% of total calorie intake and eliminating saturated fat from their diet altogether.

For specific advice about reducing cholesterol and fat levels, ask your doctor to refer you to a qualified dietician who can advise you as to the best approach in the light of your particular condition.

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