Raise Metabolism

How Can I Raise My Metabolic Rate?

There are three healthy ways to raise metabolism or metabolic rate.

1. Increase your percentage of lean tissue (muscle). Lean tissue burns more calories than body fat tissue.

2. Increase your physical activity. This burns calories and helps develop extra lean tissue.

3. Eat a healthier diet, with more nutritious foods. Less nutritious foods, like high fat/sugar foods are believed to have a sluggish effect on our system and may depress metabolism.

How to Raise Your Metabolic Rate

The only effective way to raise your BMR is to increase your exercise. Avoid fat burners, amphetamines, caffeine or fat burning pills – exercise is still the only effective way to raise your basal/resting metabolic rate.

Greater Activity Also Helps You to Lose Weight

Let’s say you eat 1oz dry-roasted pecan nuts (approx 187 calories).

  • If you jump rope, you can burn off all these calories in about 17 minutes.
  • If you walk at 3mph, you can burn off these calories in about 37 minutes.
  • In addition, exercise helps to raise your metabolic rate, which makes it easier to lose weight.
  • Finally, exercise also helps you to lose weight by boosting your motivation to stick to your weight loss program.

Note: all calorie-burn figures are approximate. They are based on a 150 pound woman. If you weigh more, you’ll burn more calories. If you weigh less, you’ll burn less calories.


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