Protein RDA


Questions on Protein Needs and Protein Intake

Q. How much protein do I need?

  • According to official government guidelines, the best diet plan contains only moderate amounts of protein.
  • High protein diets are not recommended and may even be dangerous.
  • To find out how much protein you need, see the following protein chart.

Protein Recommended Dietary/Daily Allowance (RDA)

InfantsUp to 12 months13-14 grams
Children1-3 yrs old16 grams
 4-6 yrs old24 grams
 9-10 yrs old28 grams
Males11-14 yrs old45 grams
 15-18 yrs old59 grams
 19-24 yrs old58 grams
 25 and older63 grams
Females11-14 yrs old46 grams
 15-18 yrs old44 grams
 19-24 yrs old46 grams
 25 and older50 grams
Note: Values based on average weights