How Much Protein Do I Need?

According to official government guidelines, the best diet plan contains only moderate amounts of protein.

High protein diets are not recommended and may even be dangerous.

To find out how much protein you need, see the following protein chart.

Protein Recommended Dietary/Daily Allowance (RDA)

Infants Up to 12 months 13-14 grams
Children 1-3 yrs old 16 grams
4-6 yrs old 24 grams
9-10 yrs old 28 grams
Males 11-14 yrs old 45 grams
15-18 yrs old 59 grams
19-24 yrs old 58 grams
25 and older 63 grams
Females 11-14 yrs old 46 grams
15-18 yrs old 44 grams
19-24 yrs old 46 grams
25 and older 50 grams

 Note: Values based on average weights

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