Protein Diet

Protein Diet – A Cause for Concern

Notwithstanding the popularity of the Dr Atkins diet, high protein diets continue to cause concern among dietitians and doctors.

First, high protein diets may unintentionally encourage the consumption of large quantities of meat and cheese, both of which are high in saturated fat. By contrast, the American Heart Association and other health bodies suggest these foods should be eaten in moderation.

Second, high protein diets contradict most dietary recommendations from official cancer institutions who recommend less meat and more plant-based foods.

American Dietary Habits and Obesity

While US obesity rates rise, the average American continues to eat too much fat. While they also overeat foods rich in simple sugars, fat-consumption remains too high and should be reduced. By recommending a high consumption of protein and a low consumption of carbohydrates, high protein diets are not contributing to better eating habits.

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