Potato Diet

Calorie Savings – Weight Loss – Potato Salad

Choosing the right potato dish is important if you want to lose weight.

Point is, in order to reduce excess fat and lose weight, we need to reduce the amount of calories we consume until it is lower than our calories-out. Exercise helps us to achieve this (by increasing calories-out) but we can also reduce calories-in by making better calorie choices.

Calorie Example – Potato Salad

  • 1 cup potato salad contains 340 calories.
  • Twice a week, that’s 35,360 calories, per year

Better Calorie-Choice – Baked Potato

  • 6 oz baked potato, 1 tbsp ‘light’ sour cream contains 157 calories.
  • That’s 16,328 calories per year.

Calories Saved

If you substitute a baked potato for potato salad in this way, you save 19,032 calories per year.

Weight Reduction Consequences of this Calorie Saving

19,032 calories per year is the equivalent of about 5.5 pounds of weight.

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