Lack of Physical Activity

Not Enough Exercise

Report Shows 7 in 10 Adults are Not Active Regularly

US Dept of Health and Human Services issued a new report showing that 7 in 10 American adults are not regularly active during their leisure time – including 4 in 10 who are not active at all. Not good for health or weight control.

The World Health Organization has declared April 7, 2002, as World Health Day with the theme, “Move for Health,” to raise awareness about the importance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Lack of physical activity contributes to an estimated 300,000 preventable deaths annually in the United States, from diseases such as heart disease, stroke, obesity-related illness and diabetes.

Weight Loss Diet Advice

The best plan for healthy weight loss and long term weight control is a balanced diet coupled with regular exercise. Diet is a proven weight loss program with practical advice on dieting, exercise, diet-motivation and good eating habits.


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